Attitude to Sustainability

Understanding each investor’s sustainability preferences

Understanding sustainable investing is a crucial part of the investment journey. But unlike other aspects of investment, it is often poorly defined and misunderstood. For advisers, this presents a problem when working to understand your clients’ needs and objectives, as these can vary substantially and may be difficult to put into words and actions. 

At A2Sustainability, we have developed a robust and straightforward assessment tool to simplify sustainable investing discussions and help you design appropriate investment portfolios for your clients.

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Our Sustainability Tool

Sustainability considerations have become a core part of the investment process in recent years. Our sustainability questionnaire is expertly designed to encapsulate how investors view sustainable investing.

Your Questions Answered

At A2Sustainability, we have developed a robust and reliable system to assess individual investors’ attitude towards sustainable investing. The financial services and regulatory landscapes are continuously evolving with regards to sustainability approaches, and we continue to work hard to stay ahead of the changes.

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